Montford Hall considers boys 14-17 who:

  • have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder (and co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD); 

  • have completed a detoxification program and/or short-term treatment such as a wilderness, inpatient, or 30/60/90-day program; and

  • are, at a minimum, aware of the negative impact of their substance abuse and contemplating a change. (Ideally, they are ready to commit to the work of building a life in recovery.)


If you think your son might benefit from what our program has to offer, please call us at 828.229.7757 or email us to set up a time to talk. 


Application Process

Our application process is designed to help usand youdetermine if  Montford Hall would be a good fit for your son. It consists of the following steps (some of which can be completed simultaneously or in different order):

  1.  Phone call with parents to find out about the student's history and specific needs and circumstances, and to answer any questions parents may have

  2. Review of psycho-educational testing, if available, and transcripts

  3. Conversation with student's current therapist

  4. Parent conversations with references (if desired)

  5. Parent visit to Montford Hall (optional but strongly recommendedthere's no better way to get a sense of what we're all about!)

  6. Completion of online application

  7. Completion of financial aid application (if applicable)

  8. Completion of student application

  9. Student interview (in person if possible)


You may hold a place for your son for a fee, which will be applied to tuition if he is accepted.


Please note that reserving a spot does not guarantee admission.


Montford Hall has limited scholarship money available for qualified families. 


If you think you might qualify, please complete the financial aid application



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