We strive for a community where everyone—staff and students alike—shares responsibility for its success. That means we all chip in when there’s work to do, and we all have a hand in creating a culture of support, respect, and hope.

Because students are with us for at least 10 months, our community offers real opportunities for them to mature, develop meaningful relationships, collaborate, and contribute. They rotate household chores, help with meal prep, and work together with staff on special campus projects. They also take on different leadership roles during their time here—for example, giving tours to visitors, coaching other students, or facilitating community meetings. 


Therapists, teachers, and mentors gently guide students by making connections that affirm their strengths as community members, and also by modeling, through our own words and actions, commitment and responsibility.


Students also become contributing members of the greater Asheville community through weekly service work—which can find them mentoring at-risk elementary school kids, restoring eroded hiking trails, cleaning out stalls at an animal sanctuary, or serving meals at an area soup kitchen. 

Through regular service work, our students connect to a meaningful greater purpose, see that they have the ability to make a real difference for someone, and begin to understand how much they matter. 


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