How long will my son be at Montford Hall?

Montford Hall expects a 12-month commitment from families. We realize that a year seems like forever, especially since your son has already been gone from home for at least a couple of months. If we could safely return him to you sooner, we’d happily do it. But experience has proven that students who stay long enough to complete their phasework and graduate from the program do dramatically better than those who don't.


At Montford Hall, your son will be exploring a new way to live his life, figuring out what truly inspires him and keeps him healthy, regaining lost ground academically, redefining his relationship with school, and developing a range of positive habits to replace destructive patterns. He needs time to question, practice, fail at, wrestle with, and finally integrate the many elements of this transformative work.


A full length of stay is an investment worth making, and holding firm on that commitment—even though you miss your son terribly—is truly one of the best gifts you can give him.


Is Montford Hall licensed or accredited?

Montford Hall is licensed by the State of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services. Our academic program is accredited by AdvancED, and all credits awarded are fully transferrable.  

What kind of commitment do you expect from parents?

The short answer: A big one! Your participation in the process is essential. We’ll be updating you regularly on your son’s progress, and also looking to you for input on his treatment goals and strategies. At the same time, you’ll need to be doing your own work—healing your own wounds, repairing your relationship with your son, and learning how to support him in his recovery going forward.


That’s a tall order, and we don’t expect or want you to do it alone. We are here to help you as well as your son, with quarterly family weekends, biweekly parent support calls, family therapy sessions, and webinars and other educational resources.


We also recommend that you seek support locally through Al-Anon or Families Anonymous groups and individual or couples therapy. We will make every effort to help you find an appropriate mental health provider in your area if you need assistance. 

My son has learning challenges. Can you accommodate him?

Yes! Because there’s a strong correlation between substance abuse and learning challenges, our academic program is designed to be flexible and multimodal. We’re prepared to help all kinds of learners thrive.  

My son is uncertain of his sexual orientation. Will your program support him? 

We feel strongly about supporting students in the exploration and development of their sexual identity, which we understand is a process of discovery, not choice. Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the diversity of its staff, and also shared by the greater Asheville community. 

How often will I be able to speak to my son?

You will have the opportunity to talk on the phone with your son regularly; his therapist will help work out a specific schedule. The therapist will stay on the line for the call initially to help moderate/facilitate; over time your son will earn the privilege to speak to you independently. You are always welcome to send emails and letters. You can also expect regular mail from your son; writing letters home is an important part of his therapeutic work at Montford Hall. 


Aren’t there a lot of risks to running a program in the middle of Asheville? How do you keep students safe?

There’s no question that treating teenagers in a remote location is a less risky proposition. But we believe the benefits of a true-to-life recovery experience far outweigh the challenges. 


To maximize student safety, we drug test our students at regular three-day intervals, maintain at least a 1-to-5 staff-student ratio during waking hours, and have one awake overnight staff, backed up by asleep overnight staff and on-call management. All of our staff members are trained in emergency and risk management protocols as required by the State.


Can my son come home for the holidays?

Depending on how far he’s progressed through the program, your son may earn that privilege. Our students’ safety is our first priority, and sometimes—especially early on—a home visit can undermine their progress. We want to make sure he’s truly ready, and you have the chance to really enjoy each other’s company.


Do you accept insurance?

Montford Hall does not accept insurance. However, through our partnership with SJ Health Insurance Advocates, we are able to help families get the maximum allowable reimbursement for our services. We encourage you to contact your insurance company for coverage and benefit information.


Is the tuition tax deductible?

Please talk to your accountant about whether you can deduct tuition as a medical expense.


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