Without physical, mental, and spiritual health, recovery can’t be sustained. We attend to these intersecting domains regularly, and with intention; our students not only feel better, they also understand why. ​

  • A nutritious, low-sugar diet focusing on fresh produce and whole grains, and featuring as much organic and/or locally sourced food as possible

  • Adequate hydration—with good old-fashioned water; no sweetened drinks

  • Physical exercise that is varied, takes place outdoors as often as possible, and gets our heart rate up

  • Adequate sleep, on a schedule that accommodates the unique circadian rhythms and sleep demands of teenagers

  • Abstinence from nicotine

  • Daily mindfulness activities such as yoga, biofeedback, and meditation

  • Opportunities for spiritual connection such as immersion in nature, moments of silence and gratitude before meals, and service work.

Spirituality at Montford Hall means any practicable activity that instills a sense of purpose, connection, passion, or transcendence. We set the stage for spiritual growth with daily opportunities for reflection and wonder—like immersion in nature, moments of gratitude, and working the 12 Steps—and encourage students to discover their own path.

Some of the vegetables used in our meals and fresh salad bar (available every lunch and dinner) come straight from our garden. 


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