The Montford Hall approach supports each student’s own unique process of healing, in a setting that prepares him for the real world. Our aim is not simply to eliminate a behavior, but to help repair a life.


Asheville, NC, is a thriving city full of

enriching opportunities, as well as potential

stressors. It’s a place that resembles the

communities where our students’ struggles

began, and to which they’ll eventually return.


By virtue of our location, our students

encounter a variety of everyday situations

that may challenge, tempt, and frustrate

them—just like home. But they do it

safely, with the help of our staff and the

support of their peers, and in the context

Students at Montford Hall not only learn important tools and skills, they also get the chance to practice and apply them, in the real world, and in real time. 

Our mentors are our direct care staff; they do the crucial work of supporting students through daily interactions, observation, and modeling.


They're an incredible group of folks. 


Many have walked the same path as our students; all are passionate about helping them grow, develop resilience, and find joy and

purpose in life. 

of a structured therapeutic program. In the process, students not only learn tools for coping, decision making, mood regulation, and more, they also get the chance to practice and apply them, in the real world, and in real time.


This is "true-to-life recovery," and it’s critical to success. Think of it as on-the-job training: Who would ever put a rookie cop on the beat, a resident in the ER, or even a barista at the espresso machine without it? With a true-to-life recovery experience under their belts, students return home more confident, and also more capable.


Upon enrollment, every student is assigned to an Integrated Recovery Team (IRT) consisting of his therapist, his academic advisor, and one of his mentors. After initial assessments, the IRT develops (with student and parent input) an Integrated Recovery Plan that outlines specific goals in all domains—not just therapeutic, but also educational, recreational, spiritual, physical, and social.


The IRT meets regularly to discuss the student’s progress toward these goals. They trade insights and recommendations. They troubleshoot challenges. They share good news. Through their concerted, collective efforts and caring, they support the whole student in the richest, most meaningful way.


Reinforcing the work that takes place during structured program hours is the tremendous therapeutic impact of participating in daily life at Montford Hall, with the direct supervision and intentional support of our mentor staff. Above and beyond ensuring that students are safe and well supervised 24/7, our mentors play a critical role in shaping their residential experience. They are the student's day-to-day coaches, advisors, and guides.


Through daily interactions, observation, and modeling, they bring the program to life. Students develop a unique bond with them as they spend time together during meals, chores, off-campus recreational outings, impromptu groups, and more.


In addition to a comprehensive training at the start of their employment, mentors attend a 3-hour in-service each week to expand their repertoire of strategies for engagement, so whether cleaning toilets or hiking trails, students are learning, growing, honing their communication skills, and developing resilience.


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