Though the 12 Steps of AA were created specifically to help people find recovery, we think they provide a meaningful framework for living that is much more broadly applicable. That's why we decided to develop our organizational values in alignment with the principles behind them.


Besides, we don't see ourselves as professionals who are here to correct our students from a position of authority. Rather, we see ourselves as human beings who are in process too, fellow travelers also fallible, also striving. If we are going to encourage our students to live by these AA principles, we should expect the same of ourselves. 


These values influence everything we do at Montford Hall, big and small—our criteria for evaluating applicants, our QA&I process, our hiring practices, our decisions about programming, and even the design of our t-shirts.

Honesty. We communicate with clarity and immediacy.


Hope. We believe in grand possibilities for everyone.


Commitment. We decide anew each day to engage fully in our work, regardless of the obstacles in front of us. 


Courage. We make it our policy to self-reflect—fearlessly and without judgment. 


Integrity. We keep our words and actions in alignment with our principles.


Willingness. We remain open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.


Humility. We ask for help when we need it. 


Responsibility. We follow through on the commitments we make. 


Justice. We apologize for our mistakes and do what we can to correct them.  


Vigilance. We stay at it, knowing that perfection is never attainable, but progress is always possible. 


Awareness. We pay attention to the present moment, and recognize the many gifts it offers.


Service. We strive to advance the greater good and find fulfillment in serving a purpose larger than ourselves. 

If we are going to encourage our students to live these principles, we should expect the same of ourselves.


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