May 12, 2016

This Thursday, we're throwing it back to early March, though so much has happened it feels like a different lifetime. 


While our contractor was putting the finishing touches on building renovations, our entire staff spent a week together in a room at the YMCA: getting trained, and training each other, on client confidentiality, policies and procedures, physical restraint, medication administration, and much more. It sounds pretty boring, and probably would have been, if not for the special chemistry, otherwise known as Montford Hall magic, of our team. 


Below, some highlights of our week....


We talked about how to avoid physical restraint, and how to apply it safely when necessary. 


(We also discovered that Mentor Chris is made of rubber.)


Be quiet, you two! 




During our discussion of people's varied physical boundaries and vulnerabilities, we marked the outline with our own areas of sensitivity.


All of us except for Nate, that is. Nate chose to mark his own body. (FYI, don't ever touch his larynx.) This proved to be a poor choice, as the marker was permanent. 


Chris G. packed a pretend student backpack and then schooled us all in finding contraband. 


Cigarettes in a stick of deodorant...what?


None of us knew what was hidden in the magazine until Chris gleefully showed us how he had glued a $5 bill between two pages. (Note: You still should not touch Nate's larynx.)


This time together, in addition to equipping us all with critical knowledge and skills in preparation for opening our doors, yielded an additional reward. We began the week as individuals and finished it as a community: playful and fun, but also hard-working, authentic, and fully committed to the Montford Hall mission.

 And by the way, you still can't touch Nate's larynx. 




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