July 6, 2016

Have you ever heard of a berimbau? It's a Brazilian musical instrument, originally from Africa; our students can tell you more about it.


One of the many benefits of being in Asheville is access to a generous community of artists, chefs, musicians, and other creative experts. Our Visiting Specialist Series engages these wonderful people to share their skills, enhance our programming, and bring the idea of "passion" to life for our students in surprising, exhilarating ways.



With our first Visiting Specialist, River Guerguerian, MH students have been exploring the history of musical expression, discovering the science behind sound, and jamming on bass, piano, and berimbau (plus a whole bunch of other percussion instruments you've probably never heard of from various corners of the globe). 


River is a world-renowned percussionist whose expertise spans an astonishing range of genres, instruments, and traditions--and his studio is right across the street. 

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